The Ultimate Guide to the Lakes of the Lake District

With 15.8 million people visiting the Lake District every year, UNESCO has given the tourist attraction World Heritage site status. Most people come to the Lake District to escape the whirrs of everyday life and to simply relax along the lakes and enjoy the peaceful scenery. However, despite the calming nature of the area, the Lake District can also be stressful to navigate. Therefore, if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing experience, check out this guide before you embark on your journey.

England’s Largest Natural Lake – Windemere

At a total length of 10.7 miles long and one mile wide, Windemere is England’s largest natural lake. Its beautiful scenery and calming waters are great for sports enthusiasts and those that just want to relax on a peaceful cruise. The Windermere Lake Cruises are the 16th most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom and the most popular attraction in the Lake District. However, you can also create your own adventure by renting a historic powered wooden boat and traveling from Bowness to Ambleside, taking in the beautiful Victorian mansions. The views at Windermere will definitely make your trip to the Lake District unforgettable.

Visit an Island at Derwentwater

Although Derwentwater is only 3 miles long, it is one of the most developed of the lakes in the district. Here you can take a Keswick Launch and discover the wonders of the surrounding fells. You can get off the launch whenever you want and have a nice picnic along the beautiful water. If you want, you can also sail to one of the four islands located along the lake and jump right into a storybook. One of the lakes is also known as a floating island, which means that it stays invisible for most of the year and then mysteriously appears around the end of summer. The waters at Derwentwater seem to have a mind of their own and the landscapes change with the weather. Therefore, every trip you take to the lake will be completely different.

See the Once Extinct Fish at Bassenthwaite Lake

As the more northern of the lakes, Bassenthwaite is also the only official lake of the Lake District. The lake is home to the vendace, which is a rare and endangered fish species that can only be found in these waters. This fish, dating back to the Ice Age, was once on the brink of extinction. However, after clean-up work was completed in Bassenthwaite, they have brought the fish back to a healthy population. If you’re a fish lover, this is a great place for you to interact with fish that you won’t see anywhere else. However, the island isn’t just for fish enthusiasts. If you like alcohol, the Lakes Distillery is located to the north end of the lake and produces artisan whiskey, gin, and vodka. You won’t go wrong visiting the Lake District; a trip to one of these lakes will surely give you an experience of a lifetime.

Article written and published by Jane Upson

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