Recreating What You Love By Hand

Recreating what you love by hand.

Recreating What You Love By Hand

The Lake District National Park is Britain’s most visited National Park with over 23 million annual day visits. With stunning views of nature, including over 26 miles of coastline and estuaries, there is an endless amount of beautiful scenes you can choose to recreate. Whether its coast, countryside, forest, or lakes you desire, the park is packed with visuals worthy of a painting. Paint Lake Windemere, the largest lake in the country or rent boat to take in the Victorian mansions. T he park contains Britain’s highest peaks and deepest bodies of water. Pick a favorite spot and let your creativity run wild in this idyllic, tranquil place. There is something for everyone. Start with a simple scene, and then perhaps try your hand with wildlife. There are more than 6 times the amount of sheep than people in the land, as well as some of Britain’s rarest wildlife.

Frame Your Sky

There are is an amazing of array of choices when it comes to deciding what you’re going to paint or draw. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, attempting to visually capture the things that you see. By breaking the process down into steps, you’ll find you can paint anything. One technique that’s very effective is to set your frame before you start. You can do this a number of ways, such as outlining your image with a physical frame, such as a simple cardboard frame, so you know what your borders will be. Also consider using your surroundings for natural framing of the image you choose to recreate. One aspect of painting and drawing that can be challenging is the recreation of a clear blue sky or a gray sky. For blue sky, rather than leaving it blank, create a few lines near the horizon line. For gray skies, try drawing lines that are a little wavy and perpendicular; always start simple.

Unwind in nature or work at the pub

In addition to taking in the beautiful scenery while on holiday, there are many opportunities to unwind and relax at one of the four Michelin Star restaurants in the area. You will also find a plethora of things to draw at one of their microbreweries, as the county boasts the most in the country. Sketching people in public is also a great way to improve hand-eye coordination when it comes to sketching outdoors, and you can also improve your ability to see the worlds in shapes as you quickly sketch. Giving yourself time limits and focusing on short drawing sessions is one to improve, without overwhelming yourself with too difficult a task. Start small, give yourself a limit and don’t judge your work.

History, culture and inspiration

Which its rich history, the Lake District offers something for every artist. The area was home to Beatrix Potter, as well as William Wordsworth, who famously wrote poems about the area. There is a wide range of visual landscape to choose from to draw and many ways to do so. Find something you love and challenge yourself to recreate it. Whatever you're looking for, the Lake District offers inspiration for everyone.

Article written and published by Jane Upson

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