Dive into the Lakes Aquarium at Lake Windermere

Aquarium at the Lake District

The Lake District can be glorious to explore when the weather is good. However it's good to know you have plenty of great activities to choose from even when the clouds come over and it starts lashing with rain.

One of the best family-friendly places to go to has to be the Lakes Aquarium. You'll find it at Lakeside, Newby Bridge, which is down at the southern end of Lake Windermere, on the western shore. Once there, you can enjoy exploring many different regions and areas, each with something different to share with you. Book and plan your day on their website - Lakes Aquarium

Learn more about the lakes

As you might imagine, the lakes are home to all kinds of wildlife. Take a closer look at The English Lake District area and you can find out more about them.

A great learning experience for the kids

Kids tend to respond well to places like the Lakes Aquarium. This is one of the reasons why the aquarium has been so highly-rated online.

One of the key attractions is the Virtual Dive Bell area.

This is a world-first, and it provides the whole family with a chance to get up close to a crocodile and a shark among other things. This is all provided on a virtual basis, so everyone is completely safe!

Yet you'll discover things you didn't realise were true. Who knew the crocodile could outlive a human, sometimes reaching 100 in age?

Go under Lake Windermere itself

Lake Windermere is a big attraction for many people visiting the Lake District. You can go boating on it, walk around it and enjoy sitting by the shore and watching what goes on. Yet if you go to the Lakes Aquarium, you can also see what it is like to venture underneath it.

As you might imagine, the lake is full of all manner of fish, including carp and perch. If you go through the viewing tunnel you can see what life is like beneath the surface. Watch out for ducks diving below the surface to see what they can catch.

Focus in on a rock pool

Do you remember exploring rock pools when you were a kid?

Now you have a chance to take another look, and perhaps to introduce your own kids to them as well. Some of the life living in these pools can be virtually impossible to see at times.

How much will you spot when exploring the Seashore Discovery Zone?

Enjoy a spot of lunch while you're there

Exploring can be hungry (and thirsty) business.

That's probably why you have a chance to visit 1872, a place where you can enjoy a snack as well as doing some shopping, or opt to try Oscar's Café and Restaurant instead.

It's perfectly possible to spend the whole day at the aquarium, so it's a great idea to arrive early. Then you have plenty of time to make the most of the impressive exhibits that are waiting to greet you.

And if you finish earlier than you thought, you've still got the rest of Lake Windermere to discover as well. What more could you want?

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