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Things you will need when going on a walk


Comfortable clothing and a few layers in bad weather
Water resistance jackets
Boots with good comfortable soles,(trainers are not good as they don't have enough grip and will make you slip)
Hat, gloves and scarves in cold weather conditions
Spare clothing in case of mud

At night when you are going to bed if camping separate clothes will be needed to keep warm.

Comfortable rucksack
Food and drink
Some emergency food in case you run out
Whistle and torch
First aid kit
Map and compass

Before the walk
Choose a walk suitable for group members which can be changed if the weather changes.dont over do it and have a rest every 3-4 miles
Know how to use a map and compass.if in doubt ask the locals to help before you set off.
Check out the Weather before you set off and remember the weather can change from good too bad in seconds
Leave clear details of your intended route and estimated time of return
Know basic first aid and how to call for help in an emergency

1. Send for help by calling 999 and ask for Police. Ensure that you are put through to Police in which you area thing you are in and not another Emergency Service.
2. Tell the Police operator that you need Mountain Rescue.
3. Tell them where you are and the nature of the incident.
4. Give them a contact phone number.
5. If an ambulance is needed the Police or the Rescue Team will ensure one comes. You do not need to ask for the Ambulance Service as well.
6. Stay by the phone or in the place where you can receive a signal on your mobile.
7. A Rescue Controller will call you back at the number you have given.
8. They will take further details and mobilise the Team. They will be with you as quickly as possible.

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